How To Get Started In Real Estate Investing

Every real estate transaction has people making money along the way in the value chain. To understand how to make money by investing, let’s look at the players involved and how they make their cut. The leftovers are in fact the profits for investors.

By understanding the different ways people make money, you can start understanding how to determine your investment strategy.

How Do People Make Money In Real Estate:


How To Get Started In Real Estate Investing

How Blueprints

      • Coach Carter – conditioning
      1. Refine Your Brand
        1. Perception is reality
      2. Define your market – Find your deal
      3. Deal Analysis and Evaluation
      4. Funding your deal
        1. Hard money
        2. Bank
        3. Private Money
        4. JV (Joint Venture)
        5. Crowdsource
      5. Build Team
        1. Wholesale
          1. Attorney
          2. Buyers
          3. Contractors – ARV
          4. Agent = Comps and package to REI
        2.  Flippers
          1. Wholesalers
          2. Agent
          3. Surveyor
          4. Contractors
          5. Architect
          6. Hard Money/Lender/Bank
          7. Engineer
          8. City Expeditor
      6. Position your deal
        1. Interior Design
        2. Architect
        3. Agent = Max Value
      7. Exit (17 Exit Strategies)
        1. Agents
        2. Hedge Funds
      8.  Scaling
        1. Technology
        2. People


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